Merrill 72-39 Slat Counter – Completely Refurbished



Merrill 72-39 Slat Counter – Completely Refurbished

Power: 220VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 15 amps max.

Pneumatic: 3.7 CFM @ 90PSI

Dimensions: 7’H x 7’W x 6’D

Weight: Approx. 1800 lbs.

Output: Rated at speeds up to 240 BPM dependent on tablet/slat/bottle configuration

Freight: Shipment is FOB HyTek Automation Solutions facility in Avon MA, freight collect.

Description: Completely refurbished machine capable of utilizing standard change parts (i.e. slats, divider, and funnel assembly which are product specific and not included with the machine).


– Re-designed control system

o Improved Allen Bradley PLC to optimize production

o Improved operator control via an Allen Bradley HMI

o Designed to Cat 3 safety specifications

o Updated guard package, including redundant contact safety switches, safety relay and dual MSR’s for single fault tolerant system

o NEMA 4 operator controls

o NEMA 12 electrical enclosures

o Provisions for external permissive control

o Provisions for external machine hopper low signal to control a bulk hopper

– 4 operating modes:

o Single cycle – (one complete cycle of slats and bottles)

o Intermittent – (slats stop while bottles index)

o Continuous – (slats do not stop while bottles index)

o Jog

– Completely rewire machine

– Completely rewire control panel

– Static eliminators

– Four new stainless steel doors

– Phone modem for remote support (requires customer analog phone line)

– New Stainless hardware as necessary

– Portable stainless steel base

– Motorized height adjustment

– Machine slat side and bottom vibrators

– Slat thumper tablet ejector

– All product contact parts are stainless steel or approved plastic

– Vacuum system – Hoses from collectors to manifold installed (Vacuum not included) if applicable

– Pneumatic cylinder bottle gates

– Bottle Prime/Backlog sensors

– Bottle In/Out sensors

– PLC, HMI program provided on disk and hard copy

– Electrical schematic provided on disk and hard copy

– Operator interface screen guide provided on disk and hard copy

– Standard Operating Procedure provided on disk and hard copy

– Component literature provided

– Optional – Mounting system for Lakso change parts (for divider and funnel assembly) (not included)

– Optional – Conveyor – 18.5 ft long stainless steel, 7.5in wide plastic chain – Single lane with mounted DC drive control (not included)